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Property Management in Caesarea, Israel

Personalized management services for luxury Prime and Super Prime properties in Caesarea, Israel

Whatever your requirements, our trained in-house team provide a truly personalized service for property management in Caesarea, Israel. With regular inspections and maintenance tailored to your exact specifications, we protect your home’s value and heritage while supporting your lifestyle.

Residence Management

Property & Lifestyle


Housekeeping & Cleaning

A bespoke property management service tailored to your exact requirements

We perform regular checks to ensure that your residence is always secure, fully functioning, clean and ready for your homecoming.

Whilst you are away, should you require vacant property management, we can meet all your requirements for building and contents insurance, including security, cleaning, preventative maintenance and more.

Imagine having full peace of mind that your home will always be exactly as you like it. We provide a tailored service to ensure your residence is always clean, expertly maintained, and arranged to your preferences. In addition to scheduled management visits, we can prepare your property for homecoming at short notice when you’re on your way to Caesarea, Israel.

A team you can trust

With our team of experienced and highly trained property managers, maintenance personnel and cleaning staff, we are ready to assist with any requirements you have. We designate to you a primary point of contact within our team who will take care of you and your property, meaning you can be sure that the person dealing with your property isn’t a stranger—it’s someone who knows your requirements and your property well.

And if someone in our team goes on leave, you won’t lose the personal service you’re accustomed to. We use technology to record and share vital information about your property preferences, so our personnel can continue to get the details right.

We also limit the number of properties that each of our property managers are responsible for. This ensures that they always have time available to assist you and take a hands-on approach when responding to your requests.

Our location in Caesarea, Israel means we’re on the doorstep of some of the city’s most exclusive addresses.

Over the past 20 years, we have increased our portfolio residences located in areas such as Caesarea, Herzliya Pituach and kfar Shmaryahu, and we have intimate local knowledge.

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A team you can trust

With the Caesarea, Israel Management Company, you don’t have to worry about a different person visiting your home every time. In addition to dedicated, experienced property managers, we have our own vetted, highly trained and uniformed cleaning and maintenance staff who will always respect your privacy and preferences.

In addition, we assign to you a dedicated property manager who you can contact at any time. They are always on hand to ensure your requirements are met—just like a PA for your home.

Luxury Caesarea, Israel home living room interior with high ceiling and fireplace

Caesarea’s premier property management company

The Caesarea, Israel Management Company has been serving the owners, investors and landlords of luxury, Prime and Super Prime properties since 2000.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your property is always clean, secure, and maintained to your exact preferences. Whether you reside in Caesarea full-time or simply visit occasionally, we’ll see to it that everything works properly when you arrive home.


Which areas do we serve?

We are headquartered in Caesarea and have property managers in and around areas including Herzeliya and Kfar Shmaryahyu, and beyond.

Always ready to assist


Partnerships with elite suppliers

Multi-lingual team

We limit the number of properties that our property managers serve so they are able to give your home the care and attention it requires.

Consistent attention to detail

We meticulously record every important detail about your property, from your insurance requirements and wi-fi password to how often individual plants must be watered.

By storing this information in our database and utilising the latest technology, we can share detailed instructions and visual guides to any personnel on our team.


A bespoke property management service for your luxury property

A bespoke property management service platform designed specifically for clients with complex and demanding residence requirements.

We begin with a full assessment of your property to build up an asset register of all services in the property and discuss your preferences in order to create a complete picture of your requirements. Accordingly, we then tailor the appropriate elements of our service to deliver a truly comprehensive practical and administrative solution.


A bespoke service from start to finish

Property Assessment

Record of your preferences

A la carte services

We begin with a full assessment of your property to build up a complete picture of your requirements. Accordingly, we can then tailor the appropriate elements of our service to deliver a comprehensive practical and administrative solution.

Full discretion and care

All of our standard services are carried out by our in-house personnel who are trained, vetted and uniformed. We take the utmost care during any contact with your belongings and home, and we fully respect the importance of your personal privacy.

In the event that we need to bring in a specialist or tradesperson, such as an electrician, we only use trusted suppliers that are accustomed to managing Prime and Super Prime residences in Caesarea, Israel. Furthermore, we ensure a member of our team is present in your residence while they are working



Property management and lifestyle concierge service packages

A range of packages that combine property management and lifestyle concierge services, to care for and maintain your property and to enhance the experience of your time in Caesarea, Israel.

Available from a set menu, we have three levels of service packages to choose from; Essential, Principle and Signature.

24-hour concierge available

Experienced personnel with extensive knowledge of Caesarea, Israel

Assistance in multiple languages

No procurement fees

Practical assistance, in and away from home

As an example, our Signature package includes the following service elements:

Dedicated property manager

Expense account

Utilities bills payments and administration

Secure Key Holding

Weekly property checks

Weekly property clean

Mail watch

Homecoming preparation

24-hour first response

Lifestyle concierge service

Leisure & Luxury

When you’re planning a night out or looking to treat yourself, our concierge team can offer you advice and assistance on a wide range of activities.

We have connections in some of Israel’s most luxurious leisure spots and can help you to acquire short-notice reservations.


Interior of a luxurious Israel restaurant

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Preserving the luxuriousness of your property

Proper upkeep is paramount for any luxury property, whether it’s a personal residence or an investment property. Our in-house maintenance personnel can make scheduled or ad hoc visits to your home to ensure that your facilities are functioning perfectly.

In addition, we work with you to meet any requirements you have around obtaining property insurance.

Planned preventative and reactive maintenance

Cyclical refresh projects

Highly qualified in-house maintenance personnel

One monthly payment

Fast response and prioritized availability

Skilled tradesmen who know your home and preferences

24/7 Emergency Response

While our packages incorporate proactive maintenance to avoid issues occurring, unforeseen problems can arise in any property.

In the event of a problem occurring, such as a leaking pipe or a central heating malfunction, we are equipped to deal with it swiftly. Members of our team are available 24 hours a day year-round, and we also work with reliable tradesmen that offer emergency visits.

Should an emergency occur, a member of our team will immediately travel to your property to meet any maintenance personnel that arrive. They will then update you on the situation whenever appropriate.

luxurious indoor swimming pool in a Caesarea home

In-depth scheduled maintenance

Our network of maintenance professionals can make scheduled visits to ensure every feature of your property is functioning flawlessly. From cleaning your pool’s filter system to ensuring that kitchen drawers open smoothly, we attend to even the smallest details.


If you have any requirements that fall outside of this list, please do not hesitate to ask us how we can help.

Personalized redecoration and refurbishment

If your property is a personal residence, you may want to refresh aspects of the décor from time to time. Our maintenance personnel are here to complete the task professionally and carefully.

Whether you desire a single room to be repainted or the refurbishment of an entire floor, we consult with you and make the changes according to your tastes.


Should you require more extensive construction work, we can arrange for assistance from trusted partners within our luxury network.

Luxurious Caesarea house Bathroom interior with black bathtub

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A cleaning team you can feel at home with

Your property is something that should be enjoyed and cherished, and our cleaning and housekeeping team is dedicated to keeping it that way.


Because we have our own in-house cleaning personnel, you can relax knowing that your property is in capable and caring hands. Our experienced, trained team will keep both the interior and exterior in impeccable condition, whilst taking the utmost care of your belongings.

Consistent housekeeping on every appointment

To ensure that housekeeping is carried out consistently, we use state-of-the art technology and visual guides to record your preferences. Any personnel visiting your home will use this guidance to follow a specific housekeeping routine—right down to giving each individual plant the right amount of water. Furthermore, our supervisors and team leaders have an in-depth knowledge of each and every property to ensure consistency.

The outcome is that even if your favorite cleaner takes annual leave, we’ll continue to carry out housekeeping to your exact specifications.

Interior of modern kitchen in a Caesarea house

High-calibre cleaning on-demand

In addition to regular, scheduled cleaning, we’re on standby to visit your property whenever you have an impending visit. Inform your residence manager that you’re on the way, and we’ll make sure everything is impeccable for when you arrive. Each homecoming clean is checked and approved by a member of our management team to ensure the highest levels of service delivery.

From checking the wi-fi is working to ensuring your home is spotless and dust-free, we ensure your property is ready for visitors.

Our housekeeping personnel can also fulfil any other requests you might have for your visit. For example, we can ensure the fridge is stocked with food, provide fresh flowers, or turn your heating or air conditioning on in advance of your arrival.

Specialist cleaning services for outstanding appearances

We’re dedicated to ensuring your property looks as beautiful and pristine as the last time you saw it—or better.

To make your home really shine, we deliver bespoke cleaning services using a range of specialist equipment and techniques. At scheduled times throughout the year, or prior to your arrival, we can treat your home to a deep, careful clean in those often-overlooked areas.

You’ll love visiting your property to see a beautifully steam-cleaned façade that stands out from the surrounding properties, or freshly treated carpets that feel just like new.


Modern Caesarea house with beautiful pool

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